Fallout The Board Game : Nuka-Cola metal bottle caps bundle

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Fallout The Board Game

Upgrade your Cardboard tokens with REALS caps ; sound and tactile experience will never be the same!

Forget Etsy seller's with low quality home-made stickers and high prices!

This are REAL bottle caps ; full metal printed caps! You can cap them on a bottle!

Or use them as brand new caps you just find in an abandoned Nuka-Cola factory!

What you get :

44 Nuka-Cola caps bundle (23 red + 21 blue)
For 29 usd, and FREE Shipping Worldwide.
54 Nuka-Cola caps bundle (33 red + 21 blue)
For 35 usd, and FREE Shipping Worldwide.

Shipping Time for this product is :
USA : 5-12 days
Other countries : 2-3 weeks

Features of our bottle caps :

Industry standard in shape and function
Regular size: 26 mm (fits the standard 12 oz. bottle and other sizes)
Pry-off: you should use on pry-off (pop-top) bottles, not twist-off bottles, for best results
Our caps come ready to be put on a bottle, with the sides flared out.
How to cap ? Use a capper : bench cappers are best. Wing cappers are cheaper (but require two hands and take a lot more effort !)

Like traditionally printed caps, our bottle caps are not bullet-proof: with long-term use and abuse, the image may acquire minor chips or scratches.
If you want your craft item to last years, consider protecting your caps with an acrylic spray.

And, if you want very 'aged' Nuka-Cola caps :
1) put on bottle
2) remove the cap with a capper
3) use sand, gravels, or whatever to scrath them
4) leave them oustide for real rust if you want !

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