About Us

At the beginning, we were just school colleagues with a common passion for gaming. Soon after we met, board games and card games glued a friendship that still lasts, 20 years later.

Because we love our favorites games, we would like also the most stylish and custom playmats for them.

After trying hardly to find some retailers, we decide to do things by ourselves.

Starting with nothing that our desir for beautiful playmats, we were searching for reliable manufacturers.

After a lot of testing, and after showing our first products to the gamers community, we decide to launch our own products, because some of you asking it.

Any player would feel pretty awesome to show up with a beautiful playmat when attending a tournament, and even when playing at home, with friends.


Today, we creates innovative solutions for card/board game fans across the world, according to their needs. Our clients are provided with the best quality, durable, ease of transport and creative set-up for their game library.